#1 – Devotion Vetiver Natural Bath Soap

This is the first day of expressing gratitude towards life through this medium. In this series, I am collecting a beautiful memory or object every day that made me feel alive and loved. I am living in Tamil Nadu these days in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai. My days here are quickly becoming an exercise in creating a whole new life from scratch. Being by myself and with very little belongings, I am getting the precious chance to understand just who I am, what do I like and dislike, what my values are and what kind of life I wish to create. While walking through the local supermarket, I discovered this soap. This soap is one of the many crafted at a small-scale, cottage setup. Situated so close to Auroville, we are graced by a variety of products that are made with love and care. I really love simple things like these. Using this soap added a lot of repose and beauty to my day.

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