I love this wooden comb. Such combs are generally made of wood from the Neem tree, but mine is made of wood from the Acacia tree. The reason it is made of Acacia wood is that – Worktree, the wood-crafting house where I bought this product came into being to utilize the acacia trees that had fallen during a cyclone their region experienced in 2011. Belonging to Auroville, Pondicherry, Worktree creates hand-crafted wooden products that are sustainably and locally sourced.

I have seen that an increasing number of people are favouring wooden combs. As for me, I was drawn to the simple and elegant beauty of the object. Wooden combs are superior to plastic combs in that they are better for the health of your scalp, and they are also good for the environment.

One day, as I was using it to comb my hair, it fell and broke in two. I was dismayed. In the few days of using it, I had developed a fondness for the object. To see it broken like this, made me feel helpless. I was at my aunt’s house and asked her what I should do about it. She suggested I get a new one, as it wouldn’t be easy to fix this broken comb. But, I was keen on fixing this same piece. As a child, I remember witnessing a lot of woodwork at my house. The carpenters would bring big vats of Fevicol glue to do their work. Wood & Fevicol, are two things I remember going together. And so, I was determined to fix my comb with glue. I see now that my entire philosophy of dealing with broken or old objects has become one of repair and fixing, rather than throwing and replacing. I got some glue for it and voila! It was as good as new. The crack remains behind as proof of the great fall the comb experienced. Imagine if I had fixed my comb using some liquid gold like the Japanese do while practicing Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese Art of Gold Joinery, where they fix broken ceramic pots using liquid gold. The pot thus repaired is more beautiful than the original. My comb too would become an exquisite object, more beautiful for having been broken.

You can read more about Worktree : https://www.worktree.in/ourstory

To get a wooden comb for yourself : https://www.auroville.com/clothing-c-14/comb-for-curly-hair.html

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